Our Story

The Tea Area School District was established in July 2003. A community of volunteers literally built the District with their own two hands and hearts. The community’s army of volunteers cleaned and furnished existing structures while building modular classrooms in an open lot. Nearly twenty years later, Tea Area is one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state and region with average growth greater than five percent. In May 2004, Tea Area’s graduating class was 11 students.  In 2012, the graduating class was 65 students. In 2024, we will graduate 148 students and our current freshman class is 187 students. Tea Area School District is located in Lincoln and Minnehaha counties just southwest of Sioux Falls. We are proud to be the Tea Area Titans as our district boundaries stretch from southwest Sioux Falls through the City of Tea and south of the City of Tea. 

We serve 2345 students grounded in our mission “To educate and empower each student for success in a global society.”  We are committed to being a model continuous improvement school measuring our growth in our school board’s strategic plan’s pillars: Student Achievement, Community, Engaged Titans, and Finance and Growth Management. Our faculty and staff identified our Standards of Excellence: Teamwork, Communication, Accountability, and Innovation. As a team, we are committed to celebrating and recognizing these standards while holding each other accountable to them. 

Pride runs deep in our schools, state, and country, not only with our faculty and staff but also with our students. We recognize the importance of our partnership with families and the community as we build trust with each other and care for tomorrow’s leaders. Together we educate and empower.

Tea Area is a great place to raise your family as we are a Titan community. We have great opportunities in fine arts, activities, and most importantly academics.

Together we are writing our legacy.

Thank you for being a Titan!

Dr. Jennifer Nebelsick Lowery
Superintendent of Tea Area School District